Youth Venture Summit

The Youth Venture Summit is the annual gathering of the Youth Venture community. The conference brings together over 100 Youth Venturers and young leaders interested in launching a Venture, as well as the adult allies and professionals who support young changemakers from throughout the United States.

The Youth Venture Summit is a critical part of helping to build community among Venturers, providing ongoing leadership and development opportunities, and growing the global movement of young changemakers. Attendees participate in skill-building and Venture-strengthening workshops, engage in meaningful dialogue to share experiences and perspectives, and network with each other, to identify common areas of interest and ways to collaborate.

The Youth Venture Summit provides an annual opportunity for Venturers, Allies, other youth professionals, and young people interested in becoming Venturers to gather face-to-face, share thoughts and experiences, make connections, and receive support and acknowledgement. The overall experience is one wherein attendees strengthen their connection to Youth Venture and the global movement, and form bonds with one another. The Summit is a three-day conference, but is also an experience, a journey upon which attendees embark together.