More than 20,000 students across the United States completed a survey by Yale aimed at identifying how youth currently feel in their classrooms. The responses are alarming. Stress, boredom, and tiredness were among the most common responses by students.

The study, conducted by the Yale Center for Emotional intelligence, demosntrates how the current state of the education system is not sufficiently supporting young people to thrive in a world of rapid and constant change. Making matters worse, teacher burn-out is increasing.

How can all schools be teacher and youth-led hubs for unleashing a person's anonymous potential, and improving the health of communities? 


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This month, Ashoka and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence elected 34 educators in Connecticut who are boldly unleashing their own ideas to cultivate higher social/emotional development and wellbeing in their classrooms, communities, and school districts. Over the next 10 months, these new '#ChangemakerEd Fellows' will engage in an experiential journey of changeamking where Yale and Ashoka will support them with mentoring, capacity building, and problem solving in order to further new models for the promotion of well being of students, parents, and other teachers.

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The goal is pretty audacious, but necessary: "With our partners, we aim to support making CT the first 'emotionally intelligent state'", says Dena N. Simmons, Ed.D., Director of Education, Associate Research Scientist, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Once the Connecticut pilot is successful, Youth Venture will review learnings and attempt to replicate the #ChangemakerEd Fellowship across the country with other diverse school districts.



The movement to reimagine education is happening across the country and the world. If you want to integrate changemaking into your school and community's culture, contact VIPIN from our School District's program page today, and also visit!


This article was originally published on 5 October 2017

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