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YOU are part of the largest youth population in human history. That's right, you are part of the 1.8 billion people who can change the story of the world. Not only are you unique in global numbers, but you are also living at an extraordinary time in human history where the only constant in this world is change. The challenges are real, but so are the opportunities. The future gets written today. ARE YOU IN?


The in demand jobs of tomorrow are those requiring skills that cannot be replaced by technology and machines. Equally as important is the fact that today's challenges--whether it be climate change, population growth, inequalities---require creative solutions, big and small. These solutions will not exist without the skills of creative collaboration, leadership, and empathy. In today's world, it is no longer enough to memorize and repeat facts, get good test scores, and land a 'good' job. In order to thrive--not just survive--in this world of constant change, ALL OF US must unleash our inner changemaker. Evidence increasingly shows that a person must master the changemaker skills of: Empathy, Collaborative Leadership; Teamwork, and Creative Problem-solving (or Changemaking) in order to thrive.

The world today is an 'Everyone A Changemaker' world, and YOUth have a verse to contribute in this new game. No step is too small, and you are not alone. For more than two decades, Ashoka's Youth Venture has been working with young changemakers across the world in supporting experiences and spaces to #LeadYoung, discover anonymous potential, and #DreamLeadAct. 

Our goal is to drastically increase the number of young people in the world who identify as changemakers, and to support youth to live out loud their changemaker journeys. 


In addition to supporting young changemakers everywhere, our team of experts design and run transformational programs, and are building alliances with influential partners so that young people have supportive systems around them that value a changemaker mindset. Explore what we can offer you and your communitiy by diving into our innovative offerings HERE.

Connect with us if you have an innovation, or community change project that you would like to scale or get more visibility. Share your changemaker journey with us so that more young people can get inspired to step into their own changemaker journeys. 


4 critical paths for changemakers
4 critical paths for changemakers



Through Ashoka’s Youth Venture program, nearly 5,000 teams of young people have launched and led their own community-serving ventures. These ventures serve thousands of more people. The Youth Venture teams come away knowing that they are changemakers and with entrepreneurial, leadership, teamwork and empathy skills that are critical to their success in work, school and life.

Over the past several years, “changemaker” has become a factor in admissions and hiring, professional development, and educational programming.

Youth Venture’s goals are:

  • To provide opportunities for young people to develop critical life skills of team building, leadership, problem-solving, and ethical fiber by launching and leading their own community-minded club, organization, or businesses that create positive impact.
  • To support young people on a lifelong path as a changemaker that will help them grow to be healthy, resilient, and caring members of their community.
  • To help each part of society be more successful by increasing the proportion of their population who are changemakers.
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