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As a parent, you have one of the most important jobs to do.  We believe that in order to navigate this new world, parenting practices need to evolve and adapt. The Parenting Changemakers initiative is designed to create authentic communities of families with children ages 4-16.  This community serves to support the journey of parenting by equipping you with tools to help your children thrive in this rapidly changing world.  

Parenting Changemakers is a parent-led initiative aimed at enabling parents and children to practice changemaking with the intention of building an “everyone a changemaker” world. 

80% of the jobs our children will hold don’t even exist today.  Our world is changing rapidly and new skills are needed to navigate this ever-changing world. Our world now has a decreasing demand for repetitive work and an increasing demand to have the skills to recognize and adapt to change and identify new opportunities. It is up to parents to ensure that their children develop these skills.

In this new world where change is the only constant, children will thrive if they master these four skills:

  • Cognitive Empathy - Ability to recognize accurately and understand another’s emotional state then use this understanding to influence individual actions.
  • Teamwork - Ability to work effectively with peers from diverse backgrounds and different specializations.
  • New Leadership - Ability to collaboratively mobilize people in situations defined by change.
  • Changemaking - Ability to analyze problems and implement solutions.


Ministers of Education around the world are talking about Changemaking.

“The key factor of success for any society going forward is what percentage of its people are changemakers. It’s the new literacy. And empathy is the foundation of that new way of being.”  -Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education
“We recognize a new era is about to start. In this new era, empathy and changemaking skills, which Ashoka exemplifies, would equip our young people to lead the country.” - Kan Suzuki, Minister of Education, Japan
“Changemaking is very important because it can help students connect with the social problems of the community and make a plan to overcome them.” - Helena Singer, Education Specialist, Brazil


Ways to engage in your school, company, organization or faith group:

Easy ideas for Changemaking in your home or classroom: Practice the 4 essential skills with your children at home or in your classroom using ideas on our Resources page. Here you will find easy ideas for instilling a changemaking mindset in your child.  Design your own ideas, share them with us, and we will publish them on our site.

Run a short workshop to introduce others to the idea of changemaking: Organize a 2 hour experiential workshop on changemaking for parents or parents and  children. Youth Venture will train you to run a workshop where through a series of games and reflection activities, parents and children will be introduced to the field of Social Entrepreneurship and can work together to come up with creative solutions to the social challenges they are passionate about.  This is a great way to get others in your community excited about practicing changemaking within their family.

Hold a Parenting Changemakers Circle:  Get certified to lead your own Parenting Changemaker circle, by participating in a 60-minute training on the methodology and framework of the program.  Recruit other parents to join your Parenting Changemaker Circle and facilitate the discussion about practicing changemaking in their lives. A typical circle involves four meetings of ninety minutes each, spread over six to eight weeks. The toolkit offers the guidelines and resources to facilitate the conversation.


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