What We Do

Every person has the capacity to shape the world for the better. Changemaking is the journey to realize your unique passion, purpose, and potential to make an impact. Your impact can be as simple as resolving a dispute between classmates at school, lending a helping hand to a colleague in your company, or creating a new environmental venture that transforms the community.


At Youth Venture, we invest in young people’s journey to leave a positive mark on their school, college, home, and career. We create a collaborative environment that fosters empathy, respect, and wellbeing, and inspires children and adolescents to identify problems, invent their own solutions, and take action to implement them. We do so by engaging influencers in a young person’s community (we call this the “ecosystem”) -- educators, parents, companies, universities, non-profit organizations, and government leaders -- to realize their own capacity for changemaking and support youth on their journey.


Our Approach:


Our community-wide approach addresses the unique challenges facing schools, organizations, and institutional partners. Over the past several years, “changemaker” has become a factor in admissions and hiring, professional development, and educational programming. Our goal is to equip educators, professionals, parents, and young people alike with four key skills that inspire changemaking: empathy, teamwork, leadership, and creative problem-solving. We put partners in the driver’s seat, facilitating a collaborative process to master and implement these skills and giving individuals a deep sense of ownership over the changemaking framework they create.


We tailor programs to fit the culture and needs of each partner in the ecosystem. Key offerings include:

  • The Co-Creation Journey: a series of experiential workshops and gatherings designed to transform the culture of a school district, university, or organization. We engage educators, parents, and professionals in a process of self-discovery, reflection, and problem-solving, enabling partners to realize their capacity for empathy and social impact.

  • Storytelling: how do we impact our environment if we can’t communicate our purpose? Storytelling is a platform that fosters empathy, social-emotional development, community building, and workforce skills development through the process of self-expression. We enable schools, youth-serving organizations, or companies to master communication skills by offering them a vehicle to narrate their passion and drive for change.

  • Social Innovation Tools: the Dream It! Do It! Challenge is a series of facilitated engagements that guide young people to launch their own social ventures. We share this methodology with partner schools and organizations.


Our Ecosystem Partners:

Youth Venture applies changemaking programs in:

  • School Districts: for educators, universities, and local policymakers. We engage teachers, principals, and superintendents in a district-wide changemaking journey. We integrate storytelling in schools, enabling educators to communicate their potential for impact. We invite mayors and government officials to apply changemaking at a city-level. And we offer universities that train aspiring educators an opportunity to innovate and shape their field.

  • Companies: for business people and entrepreneurs. We inspire empathetic, collaborative business leaders through a company-wide changemaking journey. We engage employees in storytelling to develop their communication skills and unlock their transcendent purpose.

  • Nonprofits: for youth-serving and citizen sector organizations. We customize and integrate storytelling into your youth interventions and community building initiatives. We also cultivate an organizational culture of empathy and collaboration through the changemaking journey.

  • Homes: for parents of students and professionals with kids. We offer a platform for like-minded parents to practice empathy, teamwork, and problem-solving. Parents create a custom toolkit to raise their kids to adopt these skills.



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