We see a world in which every young person knows they are a changemaker. The measure of our success is “what percentage of teachers and principals know that the success of their school depends upon the percentage of young people who know they are changemakers and “what percentage of youth know that their success depends whether or not they know that they are changemakers.

Ashoka’s Youth Venture is cultivating and equipping an eco-system that supports youth to be changemakers. Youth are powerfully and confidently solving the issues they uniquely face through activating pathways of Empathy, Sophisticated Teamwork Collaborative Leadership and Changemaking as they embark upon their journey to become changemakers.

The world has dramatically changed and we are now at a turning point: the rate of change is exponentially going up and the rate of  repetition is exponentially going down. The world needs more changemakers in order  be successful in this new world of constant change and to be prepared to innovate and work in collaborative teams in the jobs of the future that don’t even yet exist today.

Through Ashoka’s  same Theory of Change that introduced and then tipped the world toward Social Entrepreneurhsip, Youth Venture is now implementing a new framework for shifting mindsets around how young people grow up and the skills they need in preparation for a life of success in today’s new  rapidly changing world. Together, we will build an ecosystem that equips and supports youth in order to know they are changemakers. The future of the world will be safely in the hands of a steady stream of Changemakers, growing up solving complex problems, for the good of all.