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We kids are donating our hard-earned Halloween candy to share with U.S. soldiers serving around the world and to make a difference for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires that have destroyed homes and hurt thousands of families. People need clean water, shelter and food. There are great organizations that are helping, but they need funding. By making a tax-deductible donation here, you are matching our generosity with your own, and you will help the lives of disaster victims. You will receive a report on which organizations were funded, whose lives were impacted, how much Halloween candy was collected, and how awesome it is to work together to improve lives! Moreover, your donation will be further matched by Friends of Trick or Treat for Disaster Relief (including money from our own allowances)! Thank you for your support!


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Fiscal sponsorship is a formal legal arrangement in which Youth Venture Inc. (a 501(c)(3) non profit) offers our legal and tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to our mission. Fiscal sponsorship enables youth teams to share Youth Venture’s administrative platform and legal status. This is a great alternative to starting a own nonprofit because it allows Youth Venturers to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under Youth Venture’s exempt status. We ask each sponsored YV team to “pay forward” 10% of revenues that are raised through YV’s 501c3 toward YV supporting other young people to launch ventures. If you are a Youth Venture team interested in being part of the fiscal sponsorship program please contact Romina Laouri Faulb.
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A big shout out to the wonderful doctors, orthodontists and dentists who are hard at work collecting all this candy and are matching the candy contributions with cash contributions!  You rock!  
Dr. Hani Thariani, DDS, MMSc, PC at Thariani Orthodontics
Dr. Greg LaVecchia DMD, PC and Dr. Louis LaVecchia, DDS 
Dr. Francis M. Palumbo, MD, Dr. Caroline Van Vleck, MD, Dr. Robert L. McDowell, Jr., MD, Dr. Joanna M. Sexter, MD, Dr. Peter I. Warfield, MD, and Dr. Jessica Long, MD at Spring Valley Pediatrics 
Dr. Caren Glassman, MD, Dr. Shira Weiss, MD, Dr. Michelle Potter, MD, Dr. Megan Scheibel, MD, Dr. Jeremy Fishelberg, MD, Dr. Heather Davies, MD, Dr. Hari Sheryl Sachs, MD, and Dr. Amy Kaplan, MD at Potomac Pediatrics 
Dr. Andrew Orchin and Dr. Jill Bailey at Orchin Orthodontics
Dr. Colin Walters, MD and his fellow doctors at the Alexandria Health Department Clinic
Dr. David M. Vieth PC., Dr. Varun Jain, Dr. Yash Mehta, Dr. David Vieth, Dr. Zakiya Scott, Dr. Arlene Wilson, Dr. Hae Jin Kwon, Dr. Nima Majd, Dr. Laelaye Shimeles, Dr. Seyed Tofighbakhsh, and Dr. Michelle Stovall at Kool Smiles Takoma Park 
Gordon Groisser, DDS, MSD at Village Orthodontics
Liesl Hartmann, SLP, and Jordan Sadler, SLP at Communication Therapy
Kimberly Christensen, CCC-SLP at SF Speech for Kids!

Huge props to our community partners in the DC and Bay Areas that have collected over 2,500 pounds of candy and still counting!  These kids are amazing! 

Georgetown Day School 
The Inspired Teaching School 
The Little School 
Maret School
Murch Elementary School 
Ring Mountain Day School 

FlagStar Football 

Cap City Little League 
Beauvoir Elementary School

Little Ambassadors Academy


Main Street Mamas